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Parkview Primary Care Covid19 Update


Though there is a lot of information in the following links, we feel education and understanding of this illness will empower you to make your best patient centered decisions.
Based on current Erie County Department of Health recommendations.
As of 4/20/2020 Erie County has testing available. The CDC has revised its list of symptoms for CoVid-19 to include the following:

  • Fever (100.4 degrees or higher)

  • Cough

  • Shortness of breath

  • Chills

  • Repeated shaking with chills

  • Muscle pain

  • Headache

  • Sore throat

  • New loss of taste or smell

Testing for presence of virus in individuals showing symptoms through local labs is by appointment only.
Please call the office to be screened by one of our staff to determine if you meet the requirements for testing.
A new type of test has become available that will test for the presence of antibodies to CoVid-19. 
This test is generally reserved for those who think they may have had the illness but did not get a nasal PCR test.  This blood test is performed no sooner than 21 days from the suspected illness.   Based on current information, this test will not determine whether you are immune to the virus, it will only suggest that you have been exposed previously, though immunity is possible
 Please call the office to speak with a member of our staff to determine if you are eligible to have the antibody testing done. Please be aware that this call may result in a video visit with one of our providers.
Please refer to this FAQ sheet produced by the New York State Department of Health.
If you have tested positive for the virus and have been under home isolation/quarantine there are steps that need to be taken in order to be released. Please refer to the packet you would have received from the Department of Health if you were tested. If you were not tested and self-isolated the link for the packet is below. There is important information contained within the document.

There is currently no specific medical antiviral treatment for CoVid19, though there continues to be some treatments that are working better than others.  Most patients (80%) will experience only mild flu like symptoms.  Certain individuals such as the elderly, those with preexisting immunosuppressing medical conditions including heart and lung disease, diabetes, renal failure may be at higher risk of respiratory complications.  The most vulnerable remain the elderly notably those greater 70 years of age.  
For those of you who wish to follow the outcomes of this illness the following link is helpful
In the event you are presumed positive: (please read CDC link below)

Supportive treatment includes

  1. Comfort control measures.  Please note there is debate over the utilization of Ibuprofen and Acetaminophen.  Both are known to decrease antibody production (this is how your body fights any infection), however, Ibuprofen has also been shown to decrease viral replication. 

  2. Rest and fluids

  3. Self/Home quarantine for 14 days from the development of symptoms.  Since anticipated household contact penetrance is greater than 50%, quarantine should apply for household contacts

  4. In the event significant lower respiratory symptoms develop (shortness of breath) please call or portal message our office.  Do not proceed to our office as we are practicing “disease mitigation procedures” in an effort to avoid spread to non-infected patients (particularly the elderly).

Do not proceed directly to an Urgent Care or Emergency Room general waiting area (stay in your car) have a non-symptomatic care giver utilizing precautions (mask if available and do not surface touch) enter to register. We must assume the caregiver is incubating the virus and possibly contagious
We will call the ER to advise them of your arrival so that precautions can be taken. Our current hospitals have testing capability but with a 72 hour turn-around time and no specific treatment, it is informational only.
Important information for upcoming appointments

Currently, as many patients need ongoing care, our providers are still seeing patients in office
As we move forward with more aggressive community wide mitigation procedures Parkview Primary Care Physicians may be mandated to cease in office operations including office visits.  Though this has not occurred, and medical practices may be exempt, we cannot predict this.   Please note we are regularly sanitizing our office surfaces and handles and screening patients upon entry.  It is our goal to mitigate spread of this virus. 
In the event we are forced to close our doors, or for anyone who does not feel comfortable attending an in office visit we will be offering Telephone and Telemedicine Video visits. 
We ask that if you are not planning on attending an upcoming appointment please call or portal message so we may arrange a telephone, telemedicine video visit or rebook your appointment at a later date.  
Now for some practical information
Though much of the following discussion is readily available and already presented in the media we have prepared a brief practical summary for our patients.
We have adopted our motto of “Be Prepared, not scared”.  Knowledge is empowering.
It is now clear that SARS COV2 the virus that causes Covid19 has reached our community.  Though the number of cases reported in Erie County is still low, please understand that there are far more infected individuals than are currently reported with positive tests.  This is due to several reasons.  First, due to lack of availability, we are not performing enough tests. 

Second, this virus is shed and therefore transmitted before individuals become symptomatic.  Current estimates of viral acquisition to symptoms presentation (incubation period) ranges from 2 – 14 days but most likely 5-6 days.   This means that individuals with best intentions may be spreading this virus before they suspect they have it.  This virus is spread by respiratory droplet particles directly from an infected individual and those deposited on surfaces (fomite spread). 

Third, the Basic Reproduction number (Ro) for Covid is estimated to be 2-3.  This represents the number of people an infected individual will infect.  This is a modifiable number that can be decreased with social distancing and hygiene methods.

With any epidemic or pandemic the following community and medical measures are employed.  This explanation is presented so our patients understand the importance of their personal mitigation techniques.

Suppression:  this is accomplished when Ro is less than 1.  Here the aim is to reduce the reproduction number. This is the average number of secondary cases each case generates.  Doing this will result in slow resolution of this viral pandemic.  Given the incubation and pre symptomatic infectious period of this virus, this will be difficult.

Mitigation:  this is our current practice of reducing the Ro to “flatten the curve” Here the aim is to use social distancing (and vaccines or drugs, if available) not to interrupt transmission completely, but to reduce the health impact of  this pandemic to a rate where sick individuals can receive care.  Much of the higher disease mortality reported in Italy is due to lack of Intensive Care beds.  Italy has a “first world” health care system and has not been able to cope with their disease curve
As of now all Universities and local schools are closed to prevent the transmission of this virus between the younger population and their household contacts.   Furthermore, more business’ have elected to close and operate form offsite locations.  Gatherings of 10 or more are being discouraged.  Travel restrictions have been increased and may become more aggressive
We encourage proper hygiene practices which have been described in the media accurately.  Proper hand washing and avoiding hand to face touching is extremely important.  Though it sounds simple most do not wash their hands correctly. 


We have linked proper WHO handwashing technique below:

Wiping of commons surfaces with approved disinfectant products is encouraged.  Linked below are CDC and EPA approved products.

Anticipating a shortage of commercial surface cleaners utilize spent wipes in a homemade diluted bleach solution.  Ensure proper hand washing after utilizing a bleach solution.  On a personal note, I find the odor of the bleach solution on my hands a friendly reminder not to touch my face as it triggers an olfactory avoidance response.
Since hand sanitizer is in short supply the following link may provide some do it yourselfers with a project (if you can find isopropyl alcohol also in short supply):

The staff and physicians at Parkview Primary Care Physicians wish all our patients the best as we navigate this, hopefully, once in a lifetime event.
John Kavcic B.A.,M.D.,F.C.C.F.P.,A.B.F.P


Parkview Primary Care Physicians has been serving the Cheektowaga, NY and surrounding areas for over 20 years.  Our mission is to provide premium medical care.  The health and wellness of our patients, is our highest priority.

The providers at PPCP and staff, work collaboratively to provide high levels of care, access, communication, care coordination and integration.  We want each and every patient to be informed and participate in their healthcare and medical decision making process.  

We are accepting new patients (18 yrs. and up) and participate with most insurance carriers (see list below).  Call for an appointment today.  If you are already a patient, then we ask that you refer a friend to join our family.  


To our patients
Due to concerns regarding Coronavirus CoVid19  we have been experiencing extremely high call volume.  We apologize for our possible delay in responding to your queries
We understand that the news regarding Coronavirus can be frightening. It is important to continue to follow the recommendations of the CDC and our local health departments. The best prevention is to regularly wash your hands, do not touch your face, cleaning and disinfecting surfaces that are regularly used, and continue social distancing by avoiding close contact with people and large gatherings.
In order to ensure that we are able to assist you when it is needed, we ask that you follow the recommendations listed below.
Based on current recommendations, if you came in contact with a person diagnosed or under quarantine for Coronavirus, or have any of the following symptoms fever and cough or shortness of breath with or without travel history please call the office to speak with the nurse and we will address your call as soon as we can.  
If you are experiencing upper respiratory symptoms without fever and have not been exposed to anyone that is confirmed to have Coronavirus or under quarantine please follow standard viral upper respiratory infection advice and reach out to the office and we will address your call as soon as we can.
Though we do not anticipate, in the event that our office is closed due to quarantine restrictions with staff moving forward, please be assured that we are developing work flow protocols whereupon we can continue to deliver essential medical services such as medication refills, patient lab and data review to ensure medical care is delivered
Parkview Primary Care Physicians Staff





Parkview Primary Care Physicians is accepting new patients!!   
Please call the office (716-558-7727) for an appointment today.


Insurance Accepted

Hospital Affiliation

Cheektowaga, New York

ANNUAL WELLNESS VISIT(Patients 65 and older)

The Annual Wellness Visit is part of your health insurance benefit plan.  Our office and your health insurance are working together to make sure we are aware of all of your health care needs so we can help address them and take the best care of you.
Your Primary Care Physician will utilize this time to update our medical records and notes we have about your current medical history; and make sure you are up to date with all of your test and screenings you need to stay healthy.
At this visit, you will also be able to talk about things that may be concerning you we may not have discussed in the past.
We will also ask you to complete a health assessment to get a whole picture of your health, which will also help us and your health insurance see if we can provide any other services to you.
When you come for this annual wellness visit, we would like you to bring with you:

  • Full list of medications, including vitamins and supplements.  Sometimes we may not know all of the medications you may be taking, especially if you are seeing a specialist.

  • Full list of all of the doctors and providers who are treating you or have treated you in the past.

  • We may ask again about your family health history, immunizations and vaccinations and other medical procedures and screenings.

Please contact the office today with any questions regarding this appointment or if you wish to schedule your appointment, please call #(716)558-7727.

Annual Physical Examinations

We feel it necessary to inform you about a Well Visit/Physical appointment:

If additional services are rendered during your Well Visit/Physical, your insurance may require that you pay a co-payment.  Therefore the following would not be considered a Well Visit/Physical appointment.


Examples include but not limited to the following:

  • New problem or medication addressed

  • Ear wax removal

  • Suture removal  

Your provider may ask you to schedule an additional appointment to addressed your additional issues, if scheduled time is not adequate.  We thank you for your understanding. 

Financial Policy

High Deductible Health Plans:   Due to the increasing number of “high deductible health plans” we will be requiring a down payment of $75 for routine and sick call office visits.  (note that annual preventative exams are excluded from this policy)  This payment will be due at the time of service for every visit until your deductible is met.  We will submit charges to your insurance company to document your payment and credit your deductible account.   Once your patient responsibility is determined by your insurance, we will invoice you the balance of the charge or credit/refund you for the balance of that office visit.  If you require us to bill you the initial down payment there will be a $5 service fee added.  Please review your insurance policy to see if this will apply to you.   Our secretaries will attempt to retrieve your policy information on Health e-net prior to your appointment to confirm if you do have a “high deductible plan” but ultimately it is considered a patient responsibility.

Administrative Fee of $10.00 will be assessed, when office staff has made multiple attempts to contact patient regarding overdue testing, and certificate of mailing letter required from USPS.



If this is a medical emergency, call 911.

Please call for an appointment. 

If you are unable to keep your appointment, 24-hours notice is needed to avoid No Show charges!! 

Please visit our webpage for weather closings or listen to WGRZ (channel 2) or WKBW (channel 7)

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